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What is boudoir?

‘Boudoir’ is a French word that means a woman’s private room or bedroom. A boudoir photo shoot takes place in an intimate bedroom setting where a woman is partially clothed or in lingerie. It is an artistic collaboration that empowers any woman to look and feel beautiful.

Why should I do a boudoir shoot?

Boudoir can be one of the most powerful experiences a woman can have. It’s about celebrating YOU, in THIS body, at THIS moment. You might be thinking of all the reasons why you shouldn’t do a boudoir shoot. I believe there are many more reason why you should…

Do it to feel empowered…to pamper yourself…to celebrate a milestone…to find yourself again…to begin healing from a divorce, break-up, or abusive relationship…to create a heartfelt gift for your lover, to feel sexy…to celebrate being a woman…to boost your confidence and self-esteem…to see yourself through the eyes of someone else. Do it because you are worth it!

Will I have to pose myself?

No, that is my job! It is completely normal to feel nervous about the posing. I will demonstrate each pose for you and then guide you down to your fingertips to create the most flattering images for your body type! No experience required! We will also be able to collaborate on poses with your private Pinterest mood board!

What kinds of products do you offer and how much do they cost?

I am a firm believer in preserving the artwork we create together in lasting, high-quality print products so they can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Included with every shoot is a custom 8 X 8 album with the 30 images chosen as part of the base pricing. you can always upgrade to a larger album with more images for an additional cost. I have a variety of other products I offer that are great for boudoir images including heirloom folio boxes, canvas and metal wall art, mounted prints for framing and more. I always have samples available for you to look through before deciding on what to purchase. If you have particular products in mind, it is helpful to point those out ahead of time so I can plan the session around the number and variety of images needed. Prices vary based on product type and size. I will have sample products available to look through at the image reveal session along with a full price list.

What if I only want digital images?

Looking to share your images with friends or on social media? No problem! You will get all 30 of your chosen images included with the base pricing formatted specifically for all your social media feeds.  The digital copies are sized 8” X 12” which is also the largest you will be able to print should you choose to do that on your own. I do not offer only digitals because I strongly believe your images should be enjoyed in print and it is important to me the final product meets my quality standards which can vary greatly from print lab to print lab. 

I work in a profession where these images can’t be seen. Are you going to share my images publicly/on your website?

While I love being able to showcase my work, I will never share images that you wish to keep private. I will tailor our contract to your privacy requests. Your comfort and privacy are of utmost importance to me. 

What should I wear?

Ah, what to wear? One of the most frequently asked questions! The answer depends entirely on you. What kind of look do you envision for yourself, what genre or era are  you trying to evoke, and most importantly what makes you feel most comfortable, yet sexy?

Having options is good. I encourage clients to bring 2-3 different outfits for variety, but don’t feel like it has to be all about lacy thongs and bras. A simple tank top and jeans or boy shorts and an over-sized shirt can be equally as sultry. Some clients prefer to bare it all while others like to remain conservatively covered. Anyway you like it, I’ll work with you to create photos that will show you just how lovely of a woman you are. My boudoir planning and lingerie guides, which you will gain access to once you book, go into this topic in great detail.

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring are the outfits you’ve chosen and any shoes/accessories you’d like to include. I’ll handle the rest!

What should I do to prepare for the session?

Many of your questions will be answered at our pre-consultation. Once you book a session, I will also give you my boudoir planning guide that will help you prepare physically and mentally for the shoot! I will also create a private Pinterest board for us to share outfit and/or pose ideas.

Who else will have access to these images (e.g. editors, album designers, etc.)?

I am the only one who will see or handle your images after your shoot. If given permission, I will share only those images you approve for advertising/marketing purposes.

If it helps, can I bring any alcohol?

You are more than welcome to bring an alcoholic beverage if you think it would help you relax or have more fun, or we can celebrate with a toast after the session is over!

I’m coming from out of town and would love to do the shoot in my hotel room. Is that possible?

We can definitely discuss the possibility of shooting in your hotel room. I do charge a travel fee of $75 for locations farther than 10 miles away. 

If it’s provided in the session fee, do I have to use the provided hair and makeup artist, or can I have my hair and makeup done prior to the session?

In order to guarantee consistent experiences and results, I ask that you get your hair and makeup done with my artist. If you prefer an elaborate hairstyle and can get that done with another trusted professional, you can request that ahead of time but I won’t be able to discount the price.

How do I go about securing my session?

Once you are ready to book, I will collect your non-refundable deposit of $250 to secure a date. It will be applied to the price of the shoot.  If you are sick or unable to shoot the session on the scheduled day, please give me 24-hour notice and we can reschedule.

Can my friend come along?

You are welcome to bring a friend for support and encouragement (No spouses please). Please inform me ahead of time if that is your intention. 

How many outfit changes can I have?

You are welcome to bring as many outfits as you’d like for us to sort through together but you won’t be wearing more than 3 unless you pay for a longer shoot.  Don’t forget heels and jewelry if you want the whole look! I have some jewelry for you to choose from and some lacy and sheer wraps to play with.

I really don’t like “X” about me, can we shoot around it?

I am always careful to portray you in the most flattering poses for your body type. I will ask you to fill out a survey ahead of time so I am familiar with the features you love and those you are more self conscious about and plan your poses accordingly.

I’m doing this for my husband, but I’m not comfortable with some of the poses I see online….

During your shoot planning, we will discuss the types of images and poses you are interested in doing. I have a multitude of Pinterest Boards with sample images from a variety of boudoir looks. You’ll be able to explore and choose images that communicate what you are looking for.  We can be as conservative or risqué as you’d like to be. I will never make you do anything you are uncomfortable doing.

I’m a plus size woman. Is boudoir still something I should consider?

Absolutely! Boudoir is for EVERY woman. Because the session is tailored to suit your needs and wishes, there are no pre-requisites or experience needed. Often it is the women who are more self-conscious with their bodies that come away from the experience feeling the most empowered. If you still are unsure, call me for a FREE consultation and let’s see if I can ease your fears.

How long with the photo session be?

Hair and make-up usually takes 60-90 minutes. The photoshoot itself will be 90-120 minutes so plan on three and half hours at the most. 

I prefer black & white images. Will you edit them in color and black & white?

I edit in both color and black & white. Sometimes I may only present one or the other if I think it looks better as color or B & W. Clients can always request to see the alternative version as long as the number requested does not exceed 10 images. If more is requested, an additional fee may apply.

How many photos do you typically take during the session?

I usually take quite a few images to make sure I get the perfect angles and expressions.  My clients only see the best of the best which is usually between 60-80 images. Those are the images I take my time with and edit to perfection.

Do you offer professional retouching? (e.g. fat reduction, blemish removal, stretch mark removal)?

All of my images are professionally edited for overall lighting/color, air-brushing (smoothing of the skin), and blemish removal. Clients can request additional retouching for a fee but I discourage any edits that change who you are! The things we are most often self-conscious about tell a story of your life journey. Embrace your uniqueness and imperfections!

Do you use a flash at your sessions?

I offer both natural light and studio light sessions. Depending on the type of images you are interested in and the time of day we can schedule our shoot, we may only use one or the other or both.

Do you have options to shoot outdoors?

You can request an outdoor shoot if you have a destination in mind (i.e. the beach) and I will calculate any additional fees that may apply. Most boudoir shoots are more appropriately done in the privacy of my in-home studio. I love thinking outside the box and creating new and unique images so don’t hesitate to share with me your ideas!

Other common concerns:

Feeling nervous or anxious before and/or during the shoot.

It’s okay to be nervous. In fact, I welcome it! Nerves mean you are outside your comfort zone. Guess where all the fun stuff happens in life? That’s right – outside your comfort zone!! That’s where growth and self-discovery thrive. Embrace the nerves, I promise they won’t last long.

Being self-conscious in front of the camera and photographer.

In no way am I ever judging your body. In fact, I probably share many of the same insecurities. My body has been through two pregnancies, one of which was with twins along with three years of breastfeeding. It’s hard to look in the mirror and see someone you don’t recognize. Believe me, I understand! As a photographer, when I look through my camera, I am focusing on capturing the best light, pose, emotion, etc…So yes although I SEE you, I am not picking you apart. I am always aiming to capture the best of you and therefore, that is what I see.

Feelings of needing to lose weight before doing a boudoir shoot.

While a boudoir shoot can be a great way to celebrate losing weight, it is definitely not a requirement. Choosing the right wardrobe will also make you look and feel your best. If you’ve never been measured by a professional, I would highly recommend it. Most women are wearing the wrong bra size. Proper bra size makes you look firmer, trimmer and way hotter! Upon request, I can also give you a lingerie guide that will help you choose outfits most suited to your body type.

Feeling too old for a boudoir shoot.

I  don’t care if you are a size 2 or a size 22, twenty-five years old or eighty-five years old. For me, I want all women to celebrate their unique femininity shamelessly. That truly means ALL women. Don’t put boundaries on yourself just because you “think” it’s not for you. That is just your brain lying to you.

Please feel free to contact me if you still have any questions or concerns!

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